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Structural features of an academic essay


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There should be three components in the work: the introduction, the argumentatively proved thesis, and the conclusion. There are no strict requirements for the arrangement of the components: the thesis can go to the conclusion, but the main task of the author is to ensure the logicality and integrity of the 99 papers reviews. Do not forget when using references to other people's work to mark it with appropriate references, and do not overload paragraphs - each should be marked one complete idea or argument.
This is your calling card, a chance to interest the reader: with a word or phrase, a bold quote to hook and arouse curiosity, without deviating from the main thesis. Use a rough draft, because it is easier to find an interesting "hook" for the introduction while working on the essay, and then put it in the introduction. Remember the popular saying that a worthwhile thought always comes later!

Don't "pour water"; try to use words directly related to the topic of the essay.
Blank. Applicants commit the sin of quoting popular people, telling primitive jokes, or using headlines and facts from the media that are annoying to the review committee. Such an introduction will not arouse positive emotions.
Dry facts. The task of the introduction - to arouse interest: do not hesitate to be emotional, because the restrained presentation of the facts will leave the reader indifferent.
When choosing a thesis statement, it should be firmly understood that it is not a scientifically proven fact or the result of conducted experiments and observations, but the main idea of the essay, which can be expressed in a few words. To be sure you have a thesis statement, imagine: the examiner put your written work aside and, without reading it, asks you what the main idea is. The two or three sentences you will need to answer are the thesis statement, a summary of the entire essay.

The topic offered in educational institutions often has different interpretations and approaches. You are not faced with the task of finding an unambiguous solution to the question posed - remember that they want to know your personal point of view, test your ability to think logically and be intellectually savvy. It is acceptable to quote from the works of any researcher or philosopher, explaining your understanding of their hypotheses and how they reflect the thesis of the paper. Prioritize unquestioned authorities: Aristotle, Einstein, Socrates, 20th century academics - do not use recent scholars, especially media darlings.
To be or not to be? An overly philosophical approach to the problem will lead to a loss of firm ground and turn the essay into meaningless abstract reasoning. State a concrete, not too radical opinion.
There should be several reasons determining your position on the question posed: describe each of them in detail in a separate paragraph, trying to observe the semantic sequence. Do not deviate from the topic and do not forget that if the logic of the work requires it, the thesis can be placed in the last paragraph. Play on contrasts and contradictions, denote the inconsistency of the commonplace view of the subject with the scientific one, put an obstacle that is not easy to overcome. Give priority to students who not only know how to solve a problem, but also how to discern it.
Questionable argument. Remember that the very notion of an argument implies that it is true - you should not cite someone else's speculation as evidence.
Don't repeat it twice. The same idea, in other words, expressed in a different paragraph, will give the impression that there is nothing to say.
In conclusion, you should not repeat what has already been written - briefly finish your thought, write a thesis statement if you decide to leave it for last. The conclusion should be polished and elegantly summarize the previous reasoning. A good way is to share the experience of writing this particular essay: tell what proved to be the most difficult, what ideas you had to discard during your reasoning, and which ones were a revelation to you.
New arguments. The conclusion is to summarize all of the above, this part does not imply the appearance of additional arguments: if there are still thoughts, add an additional paragraph.
It will be superfluous to describe the structure and content of your work at the end - they speak for themselves. The conclusion is intended to give the reader a sense of completeness and completeness.

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The introduction of an academic essay provides the reader with information about what they will be reading in the following paragraphs. It should be written in a clear, concise, and organized manner to ensure that the reader understands what is being discussed. The introduction should also include a thesis statement https://thesisstatementmaker.com/thesis-statement.html that summarizes the main idea of the essay.

The introductory paragraph should also include background information about why you are writing this essay, how it relates to other research on the topic, and why it is important for your audience to read your work. This will help set up your argument for why you are qualified to write this essay and give them a sense of what they will find within its pages.


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