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Selling Qurush.com - Magazine, celebrities and technology news


Staff member
Domain Name
Qurush.com (whois)
Sales Price (USD)
Monthly Revenue (USD)
Domain Age (years)
Domain Provider
Payment Method
On Sale
Qurush is an aged domain but a newly established Wordpress website. Adsense added before the approval process of Google. So, you have to move it to your Adsense account and the website has to be approved to start earning money. Because it is a Wordpress website, you don't need to know programming or any technical things. If you can write articles, it is enough to make this website running.

It is a nice, brandable domain. For a long time, I was thinking about what I can install in this domain and I decided to make a magazine, celebrities, and technology news website. As far as I see, It is a high demand niche. And most of the demand is from the USA. Article writing (or copying) is easy on this niche. Every day, hundreds of events happening on the celebrities' side :) And people show interest on it. There are example websites that I was inspired while building this website like TheBuzzPaper.

Why I am selling it?
Unfortunately, I have many other websites to maintain and in this period, I started some additional freelance projects. So, I don't have one hour a day to maintain this website.

What is in the package?
I am selling the domain and the website completely. After money transfer, I will transfer the domain and then either I will send you the DB and files or you send me control panel login info and I install it for you. I can also change the Google ****ytics code for you.

Aftersales support
As I mentioned above, I can install it for you. If there is any technical problem, I can help you to solve it. I am good at Linux servers and Wordpress integration. But please don't come to me with technically impossible things. For example, if your hosting doesn't provide SSL, I can't do anything in this situation. Or if you don't have a Linux server, can't install it even.

In case you have any questions, please write them down. I can answer one of your questions directly: It is the last price and I don't make a discount on it.

Thank you.