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High Noon Highlights (9/14): What will it take for Chuba Hubbard to be in the Heisman race?


New member
It's high noon....If Hubbard wants to be a Heisman contender https://www.mssoutlet.com/Zach_Slade_Jersey-41, this is what it's gonna take: Scott Wright of the Oklahoma writes that it will be even harder for Chuba Hubbard to match his numbers from 2019 with a shortened season. It's not impossible however. Hubbard can once again be on the Heisman shortlist. but it will take wins and breath-taking plays for the running back. In a shortened season, magic numbers like 2,000 rushing yards will be harder to accomplish, so a Heisman campaign will be built around victories, big games and highlight-reel plays.Hubbard filled the list with the latter two a year ago, but the Cowboys didn't win enough for him to be take seriously as a Heisman candidate. Wisconsin's Jonathan Taylor and Ohio State's J.K. Dobbinsboth of whom Hubbard outperformed in nearly every significant statistical categoryfinished higher than Hubbard in the Heisman voting with the boost from overall team success https://www.mssoutlet.com/Jarrett_Horst_Jersey-127. OSU coach Mike Gundy believed Hubbard wore down late in the season, so Hubbard's usage will be a regular topic of discussion."He's gonna get his carries," Gundy said. "We'll base it on how he feels throughout the game. I would hope that he wouldn't have to carry it 30 times a game, but if he does for us to be successful on offense, and he feels good, then we'll continue to give it to him." The Oklahoman Jim Knowles has high expectations for Trace Ford: Frank Bonner II of the Tulsa World wrote about how Trace Ford has grown and the expectations his defensive coordinator has for him. Bonner got this quote from Jim Knowles. "The kid is a physical specimen with unbelievable short-space quickness and a great first step Noah Kim Jersey," Knowles said. "I think he's a real All-American prospect. He's got a great future and he's bigger and stronger and he's starting to get a little mean out there. He's playing a lot now, so he's starting to get a little mean and having a competitive attitude, so the sky is the limit for him."


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