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The essay is a creative written work, revealing both the author's level of knowledge of history from the factual side, and the author's propensity for creative, scientific ****ysis of historical facts, phenomena and processes.

When writing an essay, it is strongly recommended that:
  • Comprehensively and accurately state the historical facts pertaining to the chosen topic and strive to reveal it comprehensively.
  • Accurately state the dates and places of historical events, names and social status of historical figures.
  • Use scholarly historical concepts and terms accurately.
  • Allocate the cause-and-effect relations between historical events, phenomena, and processes, present them strictly in accordance with these cause-and-effect relations;
  • Begin the presentation of the chosen topic with a brief introductory part (statement, characteristics of the ****yzed historical problem), state the main content logically and consistently, conclude the essay with a brief conclusion (substantiated conclusions).
The length of iwriteessays.com review is arbitrary.

The text should be written in a neat, legible handwriting.

It is important to precisely calculate the time and completely rewrite the essay on the blank: the draft is not checked.

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A reflection essay can be difficult to write essay writing tutors service because it is so personal. The subject should reflect on something in your life that has had a profound impact on you and your growth. There are many topics to choose from. The easiest ones are those that can be developed in a short period of time. On the other hand, the more complicated ones require you to describe the experiences in an extended manner. Fortunately, there are some general guidelines for choosing a topic for a reflective essay.