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[BS] Forum View Count 1.0.0a

No permission to download


New member
When you click on a link to any post, the VIEWS part increases by one. If you click the refresh button, it would also increase. So if you click on something with 3 views, it would then display 4 to everyone. If you clicked refresh, it would go to 5, and so on. With this new code, if you are the one shown as AUTHOR, then the view count does not increase unless you are not logged in your account.


New member
Just to make sure I understand this. If I post something. Then get replies, and go back and read them, my reading them doesnt count as the page being seen?


New member
The photo itself is the link. Its a thumbnail. Click on that. That is, unless youre trying to view an old photo that was posted to the old forum. It was not possible to transfer old photos over to the new forum and have them associated with individual messages.

If there is a paperclip icon associated with a message or topic, there actually is an attachment. No paperclip icon, no attachment.