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60 Ways to Make Money Online


Staff member
Just set down and wrote this list of ways to make money online:

  1. Do affiliate marketing.
  2. Work as a freelance on Fiver or Upwork
  3. Become a Youtuber
  4. Sell e-books on Amazon Kindle
  5. Sell Audiobooks on Audible
  6. Start your own e-commerce website
  7. Start a dropshipping store
  8. Start a Print on demand site
  9. Resell Hosting
  10. Complete Surveys
  11. Do Microjobs
  12. Do porn reupload
  13. Start a movie streaming website
  14. Start your own blog
  15. Create a Niche Website
  16. Make online courses and sell them on udemy on elsewhere
  17. Start a Social Media Marketing Agency(SMMA)
  18. Become an Influencer and sell stuff to people
  19. Work a normal job but remotely
  20. Start a SASS (Software As Service Company)
  21. Create a Mobile App or Game and sell it on AppStore on GooglePlay
  22. Create a PC game and sell it on Steam or on your own website
  23. Start a Podcast
  24. Sell WordPress themes or website templates on ThemeForest
  25. Sell the amazing photos you take or video shots at Stock Photos&Video websites
  26. Become an SEO consultant or star SEO agency or offer SEO as an individual
  27. Mine Crypto
  28. Online Trading
  29. Start a Membership Website
  30. Sell Websites on Flippa
  31. Sell Art & Crafts on Etsy
  32. Do email Marketing
  33. Start Copywriting
  34. Start a Book Review Website
  35. Teach your Native Language
  36. Do Document Translations
  37. Do Interview Transcribing
  38. Become Virtual Call Center Employee
  39. Resell Items on eBay
  40. Do CPA Marketing
  41. Do Facebook Marketing
  42. Buy and Sell Domain Names
  43. Write Articles on Authority Sites
  44. Do online captchas
  45. Create a Coupon Website
  46. Create comparison Website
  47. Become Virtual Bookkeeper
  48. Make Money with URL Shortener
  49. Sell your Music on iTunes or GooglePlay
  50. Offer Payment Gateway solutions
  51. Answer Questions on Quora
  52. Become Virtual Assistant
  53. Earn while posting at Medium
  54. Become an Accountability Coach
  55. Buy 2-nd hand smartphones and resell them
  56. Become Online Dating Consultant
  57. Start News Website
  58. Become Online Personal Trainer or Fitness Coach
  59. Become an Online Notary
  60. Lend Your Voice to Voice-Overs
  61. BlackHatWorld marketplace
  62. Offer Web Design or Start a Web Design Agency
  63. Paid traffic/media buy

I know I've missed I lot more methods, so please add more in the comments.


New member
You will not attract an audience if all the content is about the product. The key to success is messages that interest and captivate. Offer an article that will be remembered by your name, but at the same time will not only talk about the product.

More than 27 million shares are shared every day, and in 2013 the content marketing industry was worth $ 44 billion in the US alone. Social media is littered with content garbage, but those writers who managed to get through it provoke more than 50 percent of purchases.

This is what you should strive for! What do you think?